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There are many ways in which you can reduce the amount of waste we create, by being aware of this we can minimise the impact on the environment. 


The best part of it, is most of the tips on this page will also save you some money!

Image by Ella Olsson

There are so many different types of packaging, from glass bottles and jars to plastic trays and large cardboard boxes. Being aware of the types of goods we buy and what they are packaged in could help you reduce the amount of waste that you throw away

Find locations where you can deposit hard-to-recycle packaging, such as Terracycle hubs

Image by Randy Fath

UK households waste around 6.5 million tonnes of food each year, 4.5 million of which is edible! We're not talking egg shells or chicken bones, but the last few bites on your plate that you couldn't  manage, or eve leftover bread crusts - try transforming them into something delicious! See what small habit changes you can make with Love Food, Hate Waste

Before hitting the shops plan your meals for the week, make a list and avoid impulse buys

We sometimes receive junk mail through the letter box which usually ends up going straight in the recycling bin!  Read the tips opposite to see how you can reduce junk mail from coming through the door by changing your mail preferences

Opt out of unaddressed mail from Royal Mail


The UK disposes of around 3 billion disposable nappies each year - an estimated 2-3% of all household waste!

Reusable nappies are easier to use than you think and there are plenty of styles to choose from! You can buy your own and wash them at home or you could find a nappy laundering service.

Check out the Solihull Real Nappy Library for more information

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