There are many ways in which you can reduce the amount of waste we create.  By being aware of this we can minimise the impact on the environment.  The best part of it is most of the tips on this page will also save you some money.

 There are so many different types of packaging, from glass bottles and jars, plastic trays to large cardboard boxes. Being aware of the types of goods we buy can help us reduce the amount of waste that we throw away

 Buy loose vegetables

During our last analysis we found around 40% of waste we throw away was food. Of that around 20% was left over food and 20% was unopened food. 

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Before hitting the shops plan your meals for the week and make a list 

We all receive some junk mail through the letter box, which we would rather not have. There are two ways in which you can reduce your junk mail:

Opting out from unaddressed mail from Royal Mail

Real nappies are easier to use than you think and there are now lots of cool and funky styles to choose from. You can choose to buy your own real nappies and wash them at home or you could choose a nappy laundering service.

The UK disposes of around 3 billion disposable nappies each year - an estimated 2-3% of all household waste

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