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Free Trees for Landowners

We are calling on landowners to help combat climate change by planting trees – every half an acre helps!

Each planting season we offer free trees for farmers and landowners across the borough, as part of our tree planting initiative.


Since the campaign started in 2020, we have planted 75,000 trees across the borough and finding enough space to plant more trees is the next vital step, in reaching our Net Zero ambition.


Businesses, colleges, schools and landowners with at least half an acre of land available to plant trees or hedgerows are invited to apply for free trees over the course of the campaign.


The land could be the corner of a field or parkland, part of field boundary or a hedgerow, it doesn’t matter.  With half an acre being suitable to support up to 500 trees, it makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2 levels in the borough.


The initiative will be a partnership arrangement and, depending on the type of planting you wish to undertake, we will fund up to 100% of costs for the trees, including a site visit and tree planting assessment. The landowner will carry out the planting and subsequent aftercare. ​


If you are interested in tree planting for the 2023/24 planting season, then we would love to hear from you, read our free tree guide and then apply here.

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