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Solihull Tree Wardens

The Solihull Tree Wardens were formed in 2000 to serve and protect the local environment's trees, hedges and woodland.


The Wardens belong to the Tree Warden Scheme which is a national initiative run by The Tree Council, that encourages people to play an active role in conserving and enhancing their local trees and woodlands.

Current activities the group participate in:

  • Organising tree walks and talks

  • Tree planting and tree aftercare

  • Local woodland management

  • Street tree watering

  • Ongoing training with other regional Tree Warden groups

  • Liaising with the council's Forestry Team regarding tree concerns (disease, damage, vandalism)

  • Monitoring tree welfare in Solihull, due to land encroachments from new housing and HS2

Future plans for the group:

  • Supporting the 'Planting Our Future' campaign to plant a quarter of a million trees over ten years.

  • Encourage tree aftercare for all newly planted trees

  • Increase the diversity and understanding of our local trees and heritage to the community of Solihull

What does it take to become a Solihull Tree Warden?

Passion and a love of trees!  Well we don't go round hugging trees, although we are told it's a respectable activity!  Being a Warden is about sharing your enjoyment of trees with others, by planting, protecting and promoting them.

If you would like to find out more, or if you would be interested in becoming a Solihull Tree Warden you can contact them via

My interest in the Tree Wardens began when I was told that an Ash tree, which was a focal point within its location for the community, was going to be felled.  The reason to fell being that the owner resented having to sweep up the trees leaves every Autumn. 


The owner did not realise at the time, that after they had the tree felled, the wildlife in their garden that they loved to watch would disappear.  At the time they did not realise the value of this tree to the environment.


From then on my goal was to show others the values of keeping trees.

Ian Mills, Solihull Tree Warden

How else can I help?

Observe the trees in the streets and the parks by where you live, and if you notice there is a problem with a tree, i.e. it looks like it is dying, or it has been vandalised - report it for inspection by the Forestry Team. 


If you know of a newly planted street tree nearby to where you live, you can help the tree to survive through the dry weather, whilst its in its early years of road side growth, by keeping it watered.  This will help its root system get established. 


With your support, we can help trees to thrive and adapt to our ever-changing environment.

Please water your trees poster
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