Fancy a change?  Making an upgrade?

Before deciding to bin any unwanted items why not consider the alternatives?  You could revive the item with a bit of time and creative thought, you could find the item a new owner, you could donate it to charity or you could even make a few pounds selling it on.

Many items get thrown away, when all they need is a little love and imagination to create something new.


Unleash your creative side and see  what old tired items you can transform. 


Here are some ideas to get you started:

Open Wardrobe

Carrier bags


Reuse bags as many times as possible. Where possible use bags for life. If you do end up with carrier bags, then these can be reused as bin liners.





If you have an old t-shirt that has lost its prime, why not transform it with some ribbon or buttons. Putting buttons around the collar or ribbon, can transform that plain t-shirt into something special. Find out more.

Old Armchair



Every so often we might fancy a change of furniture for our homes, but our old furniture isn’t quite ready for the scrap heap yet.

Find out here what you can do.