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Armed Forces Community Garden

The Armed Forces Community Garden (AFCG) is a ‘healing garden’ for veterans that was completed in May 2021. Zone 1 is where the project originated and is the community wildlife garden. From there you can walk into zone 2 which is a summer meadow and community orchard. Zone 3 will be community woodland and follow the Royal British Legion’s ‘Battleback’ principles to create opportunities for active recovery.


On approach to the circular archway at the entrance to the garden, visitors will see a thought-provoking and assuring message which reads ‘Courage does not always roar’ - revealed August 2021.

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The official opening of the garden is yet to commence due to government guidelines on COVID-19 and social distancing, however, the garden opened to members of the public in July 2021.

Once the garden is officially opened, ‘Planting Our Future’ will invite community groups to use the area for activities such as gardening and painting.

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