Updated 19.06.2020


Having reviewed the government’s latest information on the easing of lockdown, we now believe we are at a point when we can start to resume some elements of the Community Litter Picking Initiative.

Litter picking services that HAVE resumed:

  • Individuals who are signed up, already have equipment and wish to litter pick on their own or as part of a small, informal group following social distancing.

Although please note:

  • If you have not received a copy of our latest Covid-19 guidance and risk assessment please let us know asap so we can send them out to you 

  • If you require bags please contact us.  There may be a delay in delivery as we co-ordinate the best way of getting them to you, but we will endeavour to get them out as soon as possible.

Litter Picking services that have NOT yet resumed:

  • New Love Solihull Community Litter Picking registrations

  • The loaning of equipment other than bags

  • Formal community group litter picks

  • Love Solihull Community Hubs

We have a waiting list for the following (in priority order):

  1. ​Individuals wishing to register and already have equipment (litter pickers, hi-vis vest)

  2. Individuals wishing to register but do not have equipment (litter pickers, hi-vis vest)

Please contact us if you wish to join this waiting list, we will then contact you as soon as we are able to resume each service.

Thank you for your patience in awaiting further updates from Love Solihull.  The last few months have been challenging for us all and it is important to recognise that these are challenges that we are likely to be facing for some time yet. 


We will continue to monitor the Government’s coronavirus guidance and will aim to adjust our services accordingly to this.


For the latest Government Coronavirus (Covid-19) Guidance visit:


Should you have any questions regarding this guidance, or your litter picking activity, please get in touch.


For further advice regarding Covid-19 view 'NHS advice for everyone'.

Best wishes & stay safe,


The Love Solihull Team